How does a boy masturbate?

It doesn't always come naturally

Some boys discover masturbation by accident ...
        .... one day a boy rubs his penis and it feels so good he doesn't stop ...
        .... and then - WOW! - his first orgasm.

Great - but what about those who know it feels good ...
        .... but can't seem to go all the way 'over the top'?

Circumcised boys wonder how it's done with a foreskin in the way ...

Natural boys wonder how it's done without a foreskin to help ...

Girls often wonder what men do .... this page is for them, too!

It was inspired by the 'How To' pages in Jackin' world a highly recommended site for those who want to learn more about techniques for self-pleasure.

Masturbation (wanking, tossing) is playing with your penis - usually by hand - until the intense sexual sensation of orgasm sweeps over you. If you are old enough, you will shoot out (ejaculate) a quantity of semen (come, jism) at this point.

The starting point is an erection (hard-on), when your penis fills with blood to the point that it's much larger and quite stiff, sticking out forwards and upwards. If you're a teenager, or if you haven't ejaculated in a while, you'll probably find erections just happen, hard and often, and the sheer feeling of tightness and tension demands relief. This is normal - it's just your body telling you its needs. (If you don't attend to it, eventually it will empty your seminal vesicles in your sleep - a nocturnal emission or 'wet dream'). If an erection isn't already asserting its demands, getting one is usually as easy as thinking sexy thoughts and handling your penis.

If you are older an erection may take longer, but don't rush it - this is all part of the fun. Take it gently - stroke, squeeze and caress your penis. Getting frustrated and going at it 'hammer and tongs' will almost certainly be counterproductive. Look at some sexy pictures - and remember that pictures that leave something to the imagination are not only less embarrassing to be caught with, they are often far more arousing than explicit 'hard-core'.

Once your penis has reached its full length and hardness, your hand will get into a regular motion along it. Some like it fast, some prefer to go slow, but the rhythm is the thing.

If you haven't been circumcised, you will probably find that the most natural thing is to make use of the loose skin on your penis - just grab it firmly and pump away, rolling the sleeve of skin that covers your penis to and fro. You may be able to make your foreskin move back and forth across your penis head, and many men love this feeling, but it isn't essential. If it's more comfortable you can keep your skin forward and your grip can extend over both head and shaft. On the other hand many older boys and adults find it easier and more convenient to keep their foreskin retracted clear of the knob and just move it up and down the shaft.

Much the same thing works for many circumcised boys. Just grip firmly on your penis shaft and make the most of the mobility of the top layer of skin. Naturally, this is easier if the skin is at least a little bit loose. Your penis head doesn't get much stimulation this way and you might like to let your thumb or first finger lightly stroke the knob as you do it.

Circumcised boys also have another option, which is to use a very light touch and slide your fingers across the surface of your penis, stroking the head and the tight skin of the shaft. Many men and boys love the feel of their hand on the smooth, silky skin of the glans and shaft. However, it doesn't work so well in hot, sticky weather, when your perspiration increases friction.

For one reason or another - too much friction or too little skin - many guys prefer to use lubrication when they masturbate. A suitably slippery subbstance is poured into the palm of the hand or squirted on to the penis and the hand is used as a tube, sliding over the whole penis. This will mimic what it feels like to move your penis in and out of a woman's vagina in sexual intercourse. Usually you can use quite a slow stroke - much slower than in dry masturbation, with or without a foreskin - which also helps to make it feel like 'real' sex. Even some uncircumcised guys prefer the sensation of a lubricated hand sliding across their knob, particularly those whose foreskin is short and pulls back off the knob with an erection.

The question of what lubricant to use is a pretty contentious topic. Baby oil and hand cream are favourites, but Vaseline also has its devotees. Water-based 'personal' lubricants are a good choice when a masturbation session is likely to lead to more serious things, but tends to dry out too quickly for a leisurely solo session. Saliva is always to hand, but dries up even more rapidly. Do not use soap or shampoo - it may feel good at the time but you will be mighty sore afterwards.

Whatever your choice of lubricant, it could get very frustrating if you are totally dependent on it, so it's a good idea to get used to doing it 'dry' as well.

There is no minimum or maximum age for masturbation, though most boys under 10 are unlikely to be interested, and age reduces hormone levels, so older men may not need or want to do it so often.

Many boys can reach orgasm well before they have any semen to ejaculate. After they go through puberty the need becomes more urgent - but also the act becomes more messy! If you do it standing up you can catch the semen in your hand or let it fall on the floor (not on carpet!) But it is much more relaxing to be lying down, and then it will end up onto your chest or stomach, and be just as easy to clean up. Just have a box of Kleenex handy.

Remember masturbation should be fun. There will be times when you are desperate, and just need to ejaculate as quickly as possible. If this page helps you find a way to see to this need more easily, then that's great. But it's even better if it helps you find a way to enjoy, slow, relaxed and more satisfying solo sex. What's more, taking your time over masturbation will be a positive benefit when it comes to making love with a girl.

Variety is the spice of life so, whether you have a foreskin or not, using a range of masturbation techniques can really enhance your enjoyment. It's amazing how many men have difficulty being masturbated by a girl, so that what should be a supremely erotic experience turns into an exercise in frustration. Usually it turns out that the man is locked into one specific technique - often backed up with a big load of guilt. Relax, enjoy your masturbation, take your time and try as many ways as possible, and it's not just your solo sex life that will improve!

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